The daughters of Zion defiled themselves with the idols, which they inherited from the Egyptians, while the children of Israel sojourned in Egypt. Egypt was renowned for idolatry and many different idols or gods, and the commandment of God to the children of Israel, and indeed, to all believers in Christ, is that no strange god should be found in them, neither should they worship them – PSALM 81:9.

Pride of life is the root of the evil of defiling oneself with these idols or gods of Egypt. The daughters of Zion, in exhibiting this pride of life, adorned themselves outwardly, with the idols of Egypt, some of which were CHAINS, PERFUMES (TABLETS), EARRINGS, RINGS, nose-jewels, ornaments of the legs, head-bands etc. – ISAIAH 3:16. The anger of God was kindled against them, and God said, instead of their “beautiful” worldly adorning and well-set hair, He would give them burning and baldness, and that He would smite the crown of their heads with a scab -VERSES 17-24.

Jacob, in obedience to God’s commandment, said unto his household, that they should put away the strange gods that were amongst them, and be clean and that they should change their garments. AND THE EARRINGS IN THEIR EARS, WERE PART OF THE STRANGE GODS, THAT WERE PUT AWAY – GENESIS 35:1-5.

Christian women, who are truly born again of the word of truth and of the Spirit of Christ, are now the temples of the living God. God’s temples must not be defiled by any of these ‘strange’ gods, especially earrings and hair attachments, which is against nature. If any man defiles the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are-1 CORINTHIANS 3:17. Chains around the neck and earrings in the ears are some of the major idols in the world today, which most men and women who profess to be believers in Christ, find VERY DIFFICULT TO GIVE UP! Godly women, who are daughters of Sarah, are advised to adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shame-facedness and sobriety, not with broided hair or gold or pearls or costly array – 1 TIMOTHY 2:9.

If God created male and female in His own image, and in His own likeness, therefore the “holes” that are pierced in the ears of majority of our females today, are not part of God’s creation. And in ECCLESIASTES 3:14, it is written that whatsoever God does, is final and nothing should be added or taken away from it. And God’s purpose in doing it, is that, men should fear Him. It means that those who add to God’s creation, especially piercing of holes in the ears, do not fear God. Therefore, the piercing of “holes” in the ears of our females, is an addition to God’s creation, and a desecration of the image and likeness of God. If there are no holes in the ears of the females, they will not defile themselves with the idols of earrings.

In DEUTERONOMY 15:17, it is written, and I quote, ‘’THEN THOU SHALT TAKE AN AUL AND THRUST IT THROUGH HIS EAR UNTO THE DOOR, AND HE SHALL BE THY SERVANT FOR EVER. AND ALSO UNTO THY MAID-SERVANT THOU SHALT DO LIKEWISE.’’ This is an everlasting mark of servitude. Can this be the origin of piercing of holes in the ears? Whether it is or not, all believers in Christ should know that this particular law and all the other ceremonial laws of Moses, have been abolished by Christ- GALATIANS 3:13a. Christian parents are therefore, advised in GALATIANS 5:1, to stand fast in this liberty wherewith Christ has made them free and not to entangle themselves again with the yoke of bondage of this particular law of piercing holes in the ears of their new-born female babies.


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